Monday, July 20, 2009


Q- What is Saudi Council of Engineers all about?
A- Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) is a professional body governing engineering profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Q- Who governs SCE?
A- It is governed by the Board of Directors, consists of ten members elected by the General Assembly. The tenure of the Board is three years.

Q- Then who are the General Assembly members?
A- Anyone who holds a basic membership of the Council.

Q- What are the main activities of SCE?
A- Professional practice development and licensure; regulize examinations and professional accreditation,; conduct studies, research and surveys; journals and publications,; conferences, symposia and exhibitions; proposals, and technical advices. (Please see the Article Two of the Statute).

Q- You said SCE governs the engineering practice in the Kingdom. Does it mean that engineers have to register with SCE?
A- Exactly; it is mandatory to register with SCE for practicing any kind of engineering profession in the Kingdom.

Q- What do you mean by "practicing any kind of engineering profession"?
A- Well. From working as an engineer, running your own engineering office, engineering consultancy, engineering arbitration, to the formation of any engineering chapters or groups in the Kingdom.

Q- I'm an engineer, working my own. Do I have to register with SCE?
A- Yes, you have to. It is mandatory, and being implemented in phases.

Q- I'm an expat. Can I register with SCE or it is for Saudis only?
A- You're welcome! Registration with SCE is mandatory for all engineers who practice engineering profession in the Kingdom, irrespective to their nationalities.

Q- What are the registration options?
A- There are few options to register depending on the categories, mainly individual and offices.

Q- Are there many options for individuals?
A- Yes. There are 5 subcategories, namely, 1) Saudi Engineers 2) Non-Saudi Engineers 3) Technicians 4) Interested in engineering [but not a professional], and 5) Students. Though the membership is considered mandatory for the first two only, we encourage others too to join us.

Q- What about the registration of offices?
A- Well. They are sub-categorized into 1) Engineering Offices (General) 2) Engineering Support Services 3) Engineering Consultancy 4) Professional Engineering Company, and 5) Multi-National Engineering Company.

Q- What is the validity duration of registration?
A- It differs, but usually one year and is renewable conditionally. Please contact the registration department in SCE Head Office in Riyadh, or any of its branches coordination offices spread allover the Kingdom.

Q- How can I register?
A- You may please fill-in and submit your registration form online ( It is Arabic! So, if you are not well versed with Arabic get help of your colleague. You may send the filled-in form by fax too. In either case, you have to send your documents, such as certificates, credentials etc., to the office. Another way is to visit the H/O or a branch in person.

Q- Is there any fee for registration?
A- Yes, but very nominal. SCE is independent in its financial obligations and the membership is the main source of its revenue. So, be generous! Anyhow, it is your Council and stands for your benefit.


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  2. Hello Sir, I am a Filipino working as Pricing Engineer ( Sr. Estimator ) here in Riyadh. I already submit all the requirements and paid my bill of 500sr last June 5,2014. More than two weeks already, I still not received any message to pay for 2300sr. But some of my officemate already received the message for the second payment after 2 days only. How come that it takes time to process for the category of Consultants? How long should I wait for the approval of my requirements???

    Thanks and best regards,

    M. Abela

  3. mr. abela I am facing the same problem can you help. how long did it take?